means of savings for contingencies.
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  • 1 lac
  • 2 lacs
  • 5 lacs
  • 10 lacs with 20 months
  • 10 lacs with 40 months

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Welcome to Sumbhankar chits.


Welcome to the website of Sumbhankar Chits. Sumbhankar Chits has exhibited expertise in the financial arena and solid operational excellence ever-since its incorporation.

it provides good source of finance not only savings to salaried, House holders, employees but for different types of people Viz., small investors, businessmen, small scale industrialists etc.

It also provides a means of savings for contingencies. A Chit is, therefore a good Low, Medium, High Class persons desirous of saving as well as people who like to borrow / Investment to meet expenses on special occasions like marriages construction of house etc.., and funds for business or any other needs

A person can choose a suitable chit group depending on his capacity to provide extra funds, month after month. The potential to pay regularly is the important criteria to choose a suitable chit group.



All About Chit Fund

Chit funds have been a popular savings scheme in several parts of India for generations together now.